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Danielle Rios





A love of Southern California’s vitality and innovation inspired Danielle Rios to expand her boutique studio from Las Vegas to Calabasas two years ago. Rios’ sophisticated residential and hospitality interior design has recently grown to include a new line of luxury furnishings with a focus on specialty pieces for the dressing room. “I’m a self-professed fashionista,” Rios says. “While working on my last two projects, I fell in love with dressing room and couture closet design.”  They became the creative motivation for the Eden Collection by DRHC. “These are the best pieces of furniture I’ve ever designed. Who doesn’t love all their haute collectibles organized and in plain view?”


So after reviewing her own personal inventory of jewelry, hats and hand bags, Rios realized that she wasn’t happy with boxes piled sky high in the closet.  She started designing custom furniture pieces to display accessories and valuables.  Essential to the design was organizational  placement with decorative and tactile luxury surfaces.  Visually she wanted top quality materials and finishes to distinguish the accessory furnishings, apart from the wardrobe spacing.  Rios says, “I wanted spectacular couture looking handles cast from bronze and accent wood finishes to create contrast and distinctiveness.”   In addition to the bespoke accessory cabinets, the Eden Collection includes a Glass Display Cabinet, Tete-A-Tete Chair and a Vanity Desk Set.  Rios personally has the Eden Collection pieces in her closet and Master Bedroom.  She says, “I’m totally in love with my collection and don’t know how I managed without them!”


DRHC will launch the Eden Collection this fall and Rios will be traveling abroad to Paris, Milan & London for inspiration on new furniture pieces to come.

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